Upcoming COVID Policy Changes – In effect 06/02/2021

Integrity Athletics Update May 14, 2021

It has been our pleasure to serve our community over the last decade and beyond. But no year tested our strength and resilience more than this past year has. With a restriction-free environment insight, we wanted to take a minute to thank our wonderful clients for their support over the past year. Without your encouragement and the trust that you have instilled in us to care for and teach your children, we would not be where we are today. It has been all our efforts that have gotten us to the other side of this pandemic, and we are stronger than ever because of it.

Rest assured, regardless of the environment we are in, safety is our number 1 priority. We are continually committed to providing a safe and clean facility to all our athletes and clients in every capacity that we can.

Many of you may have seen the health orders that are currently in place in the state of Ohio will be lifted on June 2nd. These restrictions will no longer be mandated within the Integrity Athletics facilities on this date. This includes the use of face coverings, capacity limitations, and social distancing guidelines. We encourage and support all families and staff members to continue to make the best individual decisions for their own health and safety. We are inspired by everyone’s efforts to get us to this point, and we are excited to provide quality services to our community in a restriction-free environment soon.

We cannot wait for your children to SEE the many smiles and laughs that they provide us every day again!

Yours Truly,
Your entire team at Integrity Athletics

Policies in place until June 2nd, 2021

Mask Mandate 12/17/2020

Going into effect on 12/17/2020 everyone entering the building over the age of 10 must wear a mask unless part of an exempt group. All spectators must keep their masks on at all times while in the facility. Only one adult per family is permitted to spectate, siblings are allowed to sit with the single adult.

Recreational athletes should keep their mask on while waiting in line for class and can remove if desired while they are out on the gym floor. Masks will be stored with their water bottle for the duration of class and be put back on as they exit the building.

Team athletes should wear their masks while entering and exiting the building as well as when walking through any common areas or to use the restroom.

*Students are not required to wear masks while actively participating in physical activity.

Click Here for Mask Mandate Video.

Policies & Procedures for Return to Programming

The health and safety of our athletes will always come first. As we return to play after the disruption due to the Covid-19 outbreak, every decision, policy, and procedure is made in the interest of our students’ safety and health, both mental and physical. We cannot and will not make any decisions that favor financial needs at the cost of reasonable safety.

Please read all policies and procedures for our return to programing by clicking the link below:

Integrity Program Specific Videos

Scroll to see facility map layouts.

Reopening Phases

Integrity Athletics has worked in coordination with the Union County Health Commission along with industry leaders in camps, Child-Instructional Services Industry, USA Gymnastics, and Cheerleading fields to create a customized and comprehensive set of policies and procedures for reopening.

In order to maintain the policies for our staff and clientele, we have had to make the difficult but realistic decision that not every child in every program will be able to return the first day we re-open – at least not in a way that would make their programs fun, engaging, and worthwhile.

While our goal is to return to all our programming as soon as possible for all the children we serve, we cannot put them at unnecessary risk. All return dates are subject to change.

Please slide to see phases for The Integrity Facility, Volleyball Center and TGA.

UPDATE: 05/19/2020

Dear Integrity Families,

Based on guidance from the Responsible ReStartOhio requirements, Integrity Athletics, Integrity Volleyball Center, & Trics Gymnastics Academy are diligently working on our phased reopening plans. We have spent the last 2 months getting our facility ready for you and are excited to welcome you back soon. Please keep an eye out for our phased reopening plan in the coming days. We miss you!
Integrity Athletics