Boys and Girls Recreational Classes - Columbus, Ohio
  • Sibling Discount: 15% for each additional student / Multiple Class Discount: 25% for each additional class
  • Annual Family Membership Fee: The family membership fee is now blended into your monthly tuition.
  • Parent Profile must be created to register for classes/trials

IMPORTANT: All students must have a signed waiver form online to participate in class or open gym. Please visit our registration area and log in to the parent portal to sign the waiver.

Classes vary in length depending on level. All classes will include all 4 Olympic Events as well as trampoline when available. Click the button above for the class schedules. Integrity reserves the right to change or cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment.

Little Dolls (5-6 yr.-olds) and Little Dudes (5-6 yr.-olds):

  • Movement & motor skills
  • Gymnastic vocabulary & positions
  • Early level skills on all Olympic events & trampoline
  • Safety rules & class structure
  • Strength & flexibility
  • Fun

Level I (7 and up):

Beginner level (none to little experience), no evaluation needed. Entry level skills, vocabulary, positions, work on all Olympic events and affiliated stations (rope climbs, pits, and trampolines).

Level II (7 and up):

Must pass previous level to be eligible for II

Child should have good knowledge of previous level. Compulsory skills (used by performing gymnast) from USAG routines are stressed more than earlier levels. Strength and flexibility requirements are increased, still continue to work on all Olympic events and affiliated stations.

Level III (7 and up):

Must pass previous levels to be eligible for III

More advanced skills with and without spots, now working on skill connection (combinations) from lower levels I & II compulsory routines on all Olympic events and affiliated stations. There will be continued emphasis on strength and flexibility.

Level IV / V (7 and up):

Must pass previous levels to be eligible for IV or V

Our most experienced recreational classes. By now student should have a solid understanding of previous levels, while working on USAG compulsory skills (level IV and up). Also, some optional skills (used in levels beyond compulsories) are introduced at this time.

Each level has progressively harder assigned skills. There will be an evaluation at the end of each session and each student will receive a progress report.

HUGS (6 and up): Special Needs

Program is temporarily on hold

The HUGS program is designed to offer recreational gymnastics to athletes with intellectual or physical disabilities. Classes are structured similarly to our non-disabled recreational classes with modifications made as needed, giving athletes the opportunity to improve their movement, motor skills, flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination all while having fun! 

Please click here to read more about the HUGS program.