Trampoline and Tumbling Classes - Columbus, Ohio
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Trampoline and Tumbling  and Tumbling ONLY Recreational Classes are designed to keep children active while learning body awareness and having fun!  We warm up with a game, stretching or a fun exercise followed by guided of instruction on the disciplines. During classes we learn several skills and skill combinations on the trampoline and or tumbling floor.

All students are required to wear socks on the trampolines, please send socks with your child to class.

Trampoline & Tumbling Description

Trampoline and tumbling (TNT) first appeared as an Olympic Sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympics! These classes are all about bouncing, running, and more bouncing. Kids
 will learn skills and safety on three events: Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, and Rod Floor. Although extremely fun, this sport is about 
form and technique. Children will make proper progressions before moving to the next step!

  • Jumping BeezPreschool Trampoline and Tumbling (3-4) – This is for children ages 3 and 4 who are interested in learning about trampoline. We learn basic safety drills and skills that
 will lead to the recreational levels.
  • Little Jumpers
 – This is for children who have never done gymnastics or trampoline before. The age group is 5-6 years old. Children will learn basic safety drills and skills that 
will lead to the more advanced levels.
  • Level 1 – Students will begin learning basic tumbling skills. They will start making connections between basic skills learned on trampoline.
  • Level 2 –  Students will learn more difficult connections on the trampoline. They will learn progressions towards somersaults. Students will work on limbering skills such as back bends, walkovers, and front limbers.
  • Level 3  –  Students will be able to do 10-skill combinations on the trampoline. They will start working on back handsprings and round off, back handspring connection. This class is a 70 minute class.
  • Level 4 –  Students will begin drills to help them perform twisting somersaults on the trampoline. They will practice multiple back
handsprings and begin learning somersaults on the floor. This class is a 70 minute class.

Tumbling Only Description

Our recreational tumbling only program provides an environment for athletes to begin, continue and further their tumbling experience. This is a great class to improve tumbling for cheerleaders or if you just want to learn how to tumble. We offer a variety of classes to allow for our youngest to our oldest athletes to reach their goals. We provide a USAG certified staff that has a passion for helping our athletes reach their highest potential in the sport.

  • Tumble I – Students will begin learning basic tumbling skills such as handstands, cartwheels, and round offs.
  • Tumble II – Students will work on limbering skills such as back bends, back walkovers, and front walk overs.
  • Tumble III – Students at this level will focus on standing back handsprings, front handsprings, and the round off, back handspring connection. Students at this level will begin working on drills for back tucks as well.
  • Tumble IV – Students at this level have mastered the round off, back handspring and are working on tumbling series, back tucks, front tucks, and more advanced tumbling skills.
  • Tumble For Dance – Concentration on tumbling elements used for dance. Learning elements such as cartwheels, front walkovers, back walkovers and aerial tumbling.