Integrity Athletics is excited to offer day programming options for students and athletes who will have hybrid education or entirely virtual education this fall. Our programs are designed to support families with the supervision of your kids during your workday and their schooling.

How To Book
All bookings for these options will be done through the scheduling system Acuity. At the end of each week, Integrity Athletics will note the days attended by each child and charge your parent portal accordingly. All families must have an Integrity Parent Portal Account with an up-to-date credit card on file and must be current on their waiver/policy acceptance. Pre-registration is required to avoid the “drop-in” fee.

Additional policy agreements will be added to these programs. Please read them thoroughly when registering your child.

Want to drop off the kids or need help balancing their hybrid education? Our day camps are perfect for your family. Campers will spend the day exploring our 65,000+ SF facility. Daily programming will include games, ninja, gymnastics, trampoline, ball sports and so much more. This program can be coordinated with other Integrity Programs.

  • Half day or full day options 
    • 8am-12pm (check-in 7:30am) 
    • 1-5pm (check-in 12:30pm) 
    • Lunch hour (12-1pm) is free 
  • K-5th Grade (must be 5yrs at time of attendance)
  • Custom pick your day(s) / M-F weekly 
  • $40 Per half day (when pre-registered) 
  • Can count as PE Credit
  • Coaches can help children connect to scheduled zoom calls during camp

Learning tables are a self-guided educational option for athletes with hybrid or entirely virtual education this fall. Integrity Athletics will provide a staff member at all times to ensure oversight, supervision, and encouragement for your child. Wifi and a quiet environment will be available for all registered children.

Students should come prepared with the tools necessary to complete assignments on their own, including tablets, headphones, etc. All student electronic devices must have parent control settings on.

  • Morning and/or afternoon sessions available
    • 8am-12pm (check-in 7:30am)
    • 1-5pm (check-in 12:30pm)
    • Lunch hour (12-1pm) is free
  • Can be coordinated with child’s team practice
  • Pay per sessions (Only $20 each)
  • Activity break (approx. 30 mins)
    • As online curriculums allow
  • 1st grade and up

Learning Table Video

Learning Table Rooms

Description: Our Pod Classes are 55-minute physical education lessons for small groups that are looking for periodic athletic instructions with qualified coaches. Activities include lesson plans from our recreational gymnastics and ninja classes, as well as games and other group activities.

Pod Classes are coed and for ages 5 & above (no experience required). A maximum of 8 children per group are allowed and a minimum of 3 children is required to reserve a single pod class. Groups do not follow our monthly tuition plan and will pay per each class booked.

How to register: Pod classes are booked through our party reservation system. If available time slots do not work for your schedule please email to coordinate your preferred time.


For more information or questions about our Day Program options please email